About Us

At Far North Community our core values are at the heart of all decisions that are made by all staff members, directors and volunteers. These values are implemented at Far North with care and diligence and the decisions that are made are honest, fair, and timely and consider all the relevant information.

Our Vision

Communities enriched through the inclusion of all people


Our Values

Understanding – We understand people are faced with real challenges

Inclusion – We work to the strength of all people

 Integrity – We do what we say we will do and be accountable for the outcomes

Respectful – We are sensitive to the potential impact we have on the lives of people

Responsive – We are flexible in delivering the best outcomes for families and individuals

Consistency – We are skilled, reliable and dependable

Where Do I Start?

Our experienced team is here to help you with your plan. Once you have agreed your plan with your Local Coordinator, you can feel secure knowing that reasonable and necessary supports will be available so you achieve these. We can help you develop steps to achieve these goals, find a support worker who fits with your family and get everything started with you.