We believe that communities are enriched through the inclusion of all people
  • The primary role of the Service Coordinator is to develop and maintain strong positive relationships with individuals and their families that lead to a partnership approach to setting and achieving goals in a person and family centred way. Specific tasks include;
    • The Service Coordinator understands and respects that individuals and families have the right to exercise choice and control in the delivery of their supports.
    • The Service Coordinator works in partnership with them to develop and implement plans that have short, medium and long term goals
    • The Service Coordinator ensures 100% of plans meet all Qualitative Criteria for the Quality Management Framework and all reporting requirements to NDIA
    • The Service Coordinator is proactive in reviewing and monitoring individuals plans.
    • The Service Coordinator seek regular feedback from staff and the individual, their family and carers to update or change strategies where required
    • The Service Coordinator develops care plans to support the overarching plan where required for positive behaviour support, epilepsy, gastronomy feeds, mobility, hoisting, safe transport
    • The Service Coordinator ensures supports provided are not over and above the funded plan
    • The Service Coordinator provides individuals and families with a package statement that details supports provided, cost to date and the individuals’ package balance at a time determined by the participant
    • The Service Coordinator keeps up to date, accurate and professionally written case notes, progress notes towards goal achievement and operational notes on
    • The Service Coordinator is to action incident reports lodged including investigating the incidents.
    • The Service Coordinator develops corrective actions as required and closing off when Serious incident reports to be immediately escalated to the DSM.
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