Communities are enriched through the inclusion of all people
A Support Worker is responsible for assisting people living with a disability. Assistance may include domestic support, meal preparation, personal care, social and community participation, behavior support, therapeutic activities and a range of individualised services and supports.

A support worker:
  • recognises and values the person’s (and family, carers and guardians where appropriate) right to being the leader of their own life
  • assists people to identify new opportunities for inclusion, active participation and valued roles within their community of choice
  • provides personal care
  • assists with physical mobility where required
  • administers medications from blister packs with care and / or supervises the person who administers their own medication
  • assists with domestic support
  • provides support for the individual to develop, maintain or enhance their relationships with family and acquaintances
  • maintains open and honest communication with the person, their family, guardians and Coordinator
  • carries out other tasks designated by their Coordinator that ensure policy, procedure, reporting or service delivery is maintained
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