Far North endeavour to help communities in any way, shape or form possible. Whether that be Behavioural Support or Daily Living, we will do all that is in our power to support you.

We can help you to learn new skills that help you move into or stay in your own home.

Shared Accommodation      

We can provide support for you to share your home with other people. This may be another person with a disability who you know and have a friendship with or it may be some-one who you share you home with who provides you with care and support in the areas of your life that you need.

Supported Community Living

Many people with a disability live in their own home in the community with support at times they need for daily living activities. This could include budgeting, shopping cleaning your home, or paying bills. At Far North we can assist by providing a support worker of your choice to help with these activities.

If you would like more information please call Jen on 9293 5207 or email Jen [email protected]

At Far North we can assist you with personal care, meal preparation, shopping, cooking and cleaning.

For parents we can assist you to access training that will help you care for your child with a disability and support you to continue as a carer.

Our wellbeing is enhanced when we are involved in our community. At Far North we can help you with work ready skills training, coordinating with employers, or orientation to working and assisting you to get employment.

If you want to get more involved in your community, join a club or participate in community events then Far North can support you to achieve these goals.

We also feel better when we are physically healthy, and at Far north we can help you to join in activities that promote your physical fitness, like going to the gym or other exercise programs.

At Far North we acknowledge and respect carers. We understand that you face real challenges and we know that having a break sometimes helps you stay in this important and valued role.

We can provide support in your home, or out of home at our Time share holiday house.  You can bring your own support worker, stay as a family with some additional support, or Far North can introduce you to a support worker who can care for your family member. We’re really flexible, it’s about what works for you and your family. We’re open to suggestion on how you can get the break you need.

Starting school, or leaving school can be exciting, however for a person with a disability this time may have some additional challenges as routines change, you have to meet new people or how you spend your time is different.

At Far North we can work with you to make a plan so these transitions are easier.

We all use behaviour to communicate our needs. At Far North we believe that prevention is better than cure. We work with you to make sure the goals in your plan can be achieved in a way that promotes and protects your dignity.