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Key Points 3:04pm Thursday 10 March 2022 Here is some information for you and your family about what we are doing at Far North when there is transmission of Covid in our community. • We are now operating in a Very High Case Load environment. • New testing and isolation requirements are now in place for our staff to ensure essential supports and services continue. • All our staff are triple vaccinated. • We have PPE supply and RAT tests. • All our staff are trained in PPE and infection control. • Staff have been divided into different teams to prevent the spread of Covid. • Some staff might work from home. • Our staff do a daily RAT test before they support or provide a service to you. • We will continue to provide support and services to people in the community during Covid. We are here to support you. • Vulnerable people we support have a COVID Care Plan. • If you require any changes to your support or services please let us know.
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