Communities are enriched through the inclusion of all people

Our Services


Our therapy services include:

  • Physiotherapy,
  • Occupation Therapy,
  • Speech Pathology,
  • Early Intervention,
  • Remote Outreach Therapy Services
  • and Specialist Training Workshops

Daily life and community access

Daily life means all the things that you do each day to stay safe, healthy, connected with your family and friends. It might be to clean up the house, or do your washing, buy some food or pay your bills.

Community access means support to help you stay connected to your friends, family and places you like to go to relax or join in with what is happening in your community.

NDIS daily life and community access supports are there to help you when it is hard to do these things on your own.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL is funding in your NDIS plan so that you can have a support worker whilst you can live with friends (or other people you get to know) who have a disability.

Your support workers help with all the things you need each day to live a good life in your own or share home. You pay your own rent, food and bills.

Two people standing with Ivanhoe Crossing in background

Plan management

This is when the plan manager pays the invoices to the services you have chosen on your behalf.

Our plan managers make sure your NDIS funds are managed so you don’t run out. They also ensure any people or providers that support you have a service agreement with you. This way you are in control of your NDIS funds.

Bed in a bedroom


Short term accommodation (STA)

The NDIS call respite short term accommodation or STA, it means giving a break to people who are a carers.

We have respite houses that people can stay in with a support worker (and sometimes family), so that the carer can stay strong and keep providing your care.

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