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Respite – Short term accommodation

Need a break?

Everyone needs a break from time to time to feel rested.

We have respite houses that people can stay in with a support worker (and sometimes family).

The NDIS call respite short term accommodation or STA. STA is usually a few days but can be longer (for up to 28 days a year) if your NDIS plan includes this . 

You and your family can feel good knowing you’re getting the support you need to have a break, try new things and or experience somewhere new.

Fitzroy Crossing guests at our Broome respite house. Geraldine, Veronica and Latoya (pictured here with support worker Annika and Broome Services Manager Edwin) making the most of a break. Following a healthy weekend breakfast, the trio spend time at the markets and getting some shopping in before returning to Fitzroy.

If you’d like further information about our Broome respite house, please call Conelias on:

(08) 9193 5207

Leo’s Story

Leo lives in Fitzroy Crossing with his family. Leo likes the idea of a holiday in Broome and it gives his family a break from their caring role. Leo comes in to Broome with Donna who lives in Fitzroy Crossing and coordinates his supports. Leo and his family trust Donna.

When Leo is in Broome he gets a haircut and he buys a new belt, he gets to see people he knows and enjoys staying at the respite house.

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