Communities are enriched through the inclusion of all people

We are a not for profit NDIS provider servicing the Kimberley region of Western Australia – an area covering almost 420,000 square kilometers

Our offices are in Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and Kununurra, and we deliver remote outreach therapy to numerous sites.

Far North commenced delivering services on the 24th October 2016 with a vision of quality services in the Kimberley and access to more services.

We believe in inclusion, keeping families strong, respecting and celebrating culture and constantly learning so we can support Kimberley people in the proper way.

Meet the team

Our Board


NDIS Practice Standards

Code of Ethics

Our Strategic Plan

October 2022 – October 2024


Communities are enriched through the inclusion of all people


Partnering with people, families and communities to deliver practical, flexible services and support

Shared Values


We understand people are faced with real challenges


We are sensitive to the potential impact we have on the lives of people


We work to the strength of all people


We are flexible in delivering the best outcomes for families and individuals


We do what we say we will do and be accountable for the outcomes


We are skilled, reliable and dependable

Carmen’s Story

Carmen moved to Kununurra in 2018 from Kalumburu where she had spent most of her life. She now lives in her own home which she loves and adores. Carmen is very passionate about art and craft, she enjoys fishing and is a good story teller, often telling stories about her community, culture and people. Carmen can be shy sometimes, especially if she is seeing someone for the first time, however once she is familiar with that person she is the most fun and amazing person.

Carmen is now living independently, her health and wellbeing has improved and she loves going with her support workers on fishing trips, swimming and creating art and craft which she hangs in her home and at the Far North office. Carmen has also been able to teach her support workers how to make damper which she says was taught to her by her grandmother back in Kalumburu.

Carmen tells us that she feels safe. She says that coming to Kununurra has given her a good feeling. She is happy that she has a home that she calls her own and that she is able to go fishing and have picnics with friends and create art and craft in her home.

“I called my friend Cherrie in Kalumburu and I told her that she needs to come to Kununurra and get supported by the Far North mob. They are looking after me, given me a nice house and I have my own money. Stop suffering and come here to Far North and they will look after you”.

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