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NDIS Practice Standards

Why is being a registered NDIS provider important?

The NDIS Practice Standards outline the highest quality and standards a registered provider must always meet to remain certified.

These standards are based on human rights and state that everyone person with a disability being supported or receiving services from a registered provider be treated with dignity and respect.

The standards outline how a person must be supported so they can live an inclusive and independent life free from violence and discrimination.

Being a registered NDIS provider is our assurance to you and your family that supports and services you receive from Far North are safe and of the highest quality and standard. You can find out more about NDIS Practice Standards at the NDIS Commission website here:

Mary’s Story

Mary is a Waljamarri woman from the Fitzroy Valley. She was born in Derby hospital and went to Perth to attend the Mosman Park School for the Deaf when she was five years old.

Mary continued her schooling at Mosman Park from 1974 to 1985, and then returned to Fitzroy Crossing to be reunited with her family. Mary said she really enjoyed her schooling in Perth during her formative years.

In 2019, Far North partnered with TAFE, Fitzroy Crossing for people in Fitzroy Crossing and surrounding communities to attend TAFE classes focused on basic numeracy and literacy, art work activities and building social interaction and networks.

Fitzroy Crossing is a very close-knit community and these classes also provide opportunity for students to connect with extended family members who also attend the classes at TAFE. This partnership has yielded many benefits for Mary who never misses a day. The TAFE program is tailored for each individual and Mary was very keen to engage and update her basic numeracy and literacy skills and has excelled in this aspect of the program. Mary has become quite the artist and she has been using this medium, as well as Auslan, to communicate.

One of Mary’s goals is to be able to sell her art at community events. Mary recently received tuition from a well know artist at Munkaja Arts Center in Fitzroy Crossing where she learnt new skills to add to her own individual art forms.

There has been significant growth in Mary’s self-esteem and the active role she plays since attending TAFE. Mary is a much more outgoing person and tends to lead the way for other people who attend the course.

Mary enjoys visiting the Far North office in Fitzroy Crossing, having a cup of tea and participating in group activities planned by Fitzroy Crossing staff. During difficult periods or concerns at home or in the community, Mary knows she has a safe place to go to and talk to someone if needed. Mary is working with Far North Speech Therapist to increase her capacity to interact with people at home and in the community.

Mary says she is looking forward to having respite again in Broome to enable her sister Sandra to have a break from the caring role she provides.

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