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WA is now in a high Covid case load environment. With community transmission in neighbouring communities and potentially within our own community we have now implemented the next stage of our Covid Response Plan. Acknowledgement and thanks to the Broome team across service delivery, therapy, support coordination and finance who have all been outstanding today. Kevin, we know you have had your leave planned for a while and we thank you for cancelling this and attending work to make sure everyone has adequate PPE and the distribution of Rapid Antigen Tests. Cathie, thanks and acknowledgement for coming in to the office this morning and for taking your laptop with you whilst on leave. Also to the people we support and their families, thank you for your understanding and for partnering with us to keep every-one safe and well. Our staff in Broome supporting people to live in their own homes are all now completing a Rapid Antigen Test prior to each shift. We have increased our cleaning routines, introduced more PPE and reviewed individual Covid Care Plans. As we implement the Covid Care Plans we are learning and being responsive, updating policy and process, this is a quickly moving situation. We will share the learnings with other regions. Please check Centro Assist for changes to the following;
  • Covid Mandatory Vaccination for Employees
  • Covid Testing for Participants
  • Covid Testing for Staff
  • Covid: When a person accessing services in a congregate SIL setting tests positive
  • Covid: When a person accessing accommodation services other than SIL tests positive
  • Covid: when a person living alone with SIL tests positive
Once again, thanks to every-one for your flexibility and team work and for doing all you can to ensure the people we support and your colleagues not only feel safe, but are well supported and all preventative measures are in place. For staff who were potentially exposed to Covid, we are glad you are well and have tested negative. Take care every-one Kathy Hough, CEO
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